1 Essex Court

Sir Tony Baldry MP

Call: 1975

Summary of Practice

Tony Baldry is Head of Chambers. He takes the lead responsibility in Chambers for consulting with solicitors and other professionals on what further range of activities Chambers may be able to undertake as a consequence of the legislative changes brought about by the Legal Services Act.

Sir Tony is responsible, as Head of Chambers, for overseeing the Chambers complaints procedures.

Sir Tony Baldry is a common lawyer. Prior to joining the Government in 1990, he had a traditional common law practice on the Oxford and Midlands circuit, at 6 KBW, a practice that was a combination of crime, family and civil law.

Sir Tony Baldry still undertakes some criminal work. For example he has recently been instructed on appeal against conviction and sentence on behalf of three individuals who were convicted and sentenced at Birmingham Crown Court for six years imprisonment for riot, allegedly between a group of “Hell’s Angels” and “Outlaws”.

He is also working on a number of cases in different parts of the world, on various litigation arising from the Proceeds of Crimes Act.

As well as a practising Barrister, Sir Tony is the second church estates commissioner.

During his time as a Minister, Sir Tony was for some four years Planning Minister, responsible for taking planning decisions as a Minister, including the decision to allow the Headington shark, in which he expressed the view that it was not the purpose of the planning system to “impose a dull sense of uniformity”. Either the shark, or that decision, won him a mention in the British Book of Eccentrics.

For four years he was also Minister with responsibility for the Construction industry, during which time he introduced the legislation which resulted in adjudication being introduced into construction disputes.

Sir Tony Baldry is a Fellow the Chartered Institute of Building and has acted as an adjudicator.

Sir Tony Baldry is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators and acted as Counsel on behalf of the Government of China on of the first instances when they agreed to submit themselves to arbitral proceedings in London.

He is also a qualified Mediator.

Much of his practice now is dispute resolution – “Prior to introducing adjudication into construction disputes” said Sir Tony Baldry, “I commissioned Mr. Justice Wolf, as he then was, to undertake research into the costs of litigation. That research discovered that in 83% of construction disputes, the actual costs of the litigation exceeded the value of the claim. The reality is that the legal profession collectively has to find ways of making dispute resolution much more cost effective.”

Sir Tony Baldry does direct access work where appropriate.

Sir Tony Baldry has been instructed by overseas lawyers from companies as diverse as Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.

Sir Tony's practice includes the following areas:

Commercial Law
Criminal Law

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