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Adam Richardson

Called: 2011

Inn: Gray's Inn


Qualified for Direct Access 






Adam enjoys a wide-ranging Civil and Chancery law practice, which has seen him develop a reputation as a leading data, privacy and reputation management barrister. In addition, he frequently takes on high-value commercial work, contentious chancery work and employment work.

He has carved out a niche as an astute trial advocate but also a reputation for the quality and clarity of his advisory work. He has clients ranging from national political parties in matters of constitutional and electoral importance to multimillion national and international cutting-edge technology firms seeking to implement GDPR compliant data strategies on the very technology which has clearly outpaced current jurisprudence. 

Contentious court based work remains the centre of Adams practice. He has been before Judges at all levels, up to and including the Supreme Court. He is known for being engaging, methodical and conscientious in his advocacy style.

Adam frequently receives employment law instructions, perhaps most notably, a 14-day employment tribunal on behalf of an unfairly dismissed senior executive in a multi-million-pound employment tribunal matter brought against one of the leading financial services companies. He is excellent at keeping the pressure on over multi-day trials. 

Adam frequently practices and has a strong command of all matters involving insolvency and has led in one of the most high-profile insolvency cases in recent years, which received a great deal of press attention and a parliamentary inquiry. Anything from winding-up petitions, bankruptcies and advising Insolvency practitioners. 

He has acted for several well-known airlines in volume claims under EU 261 provisions, now transposed into domestic law. He recently had a case referred to the High Court for alleged dishonesty and the Court, therefore, stayed thousands of cases brought by this firm pending this determination, saving the airline millions of pounds.

He has firmly found a place among the senior ranks of the civil Bar. Representing celebrities, to politicians and everyone else in between. He prides himself on giving every client, no matter how big or small, the same care and attention they deserve to get the best outcome.

In addition, Adam also has full rights of audience, is Direct Public Access accredited and is qualified to engage in the Conduct of Litigation. This means clients can approach him directly. He is known for being approachable and a good communicator. 

Areas of expertise
●    Commercial Law
●    Chancery Law
●    General Common Law
●    Data Protection Law
●    Insolvency Law
●    Reputation, Defamation and Privacy Law
●    Aviation Law
●    Regulatory Law
●    Judicial review


“I wanted to thank you for your assistance in relation to the consultation. Sorry it's taken a few days (big security conference this week). Just to confirm we've read through and we're very happy with the note, we have no changes whatsoever - it's very clear.

Thanks so much for your help. Happy to act as a reference for other clients and prospects. We'll certainly be using your services again for future enquiries.”
Digital Shadows - Direct Access Client

“Very impressed with Adam.  This is an absolutely mega, mega result that changes the game in literally hundreds of other cases.”

Practice Areas


Commercial and Financial Law

A regular presence at the Royal Courts of Justice, Adam has built a positive reputation with judges, Masters, and staff from displaying hard work and quick grasp of the salient concepts and going the extra distance.

He has appeared for individuals and banks in PPI-related hearings, pre and post-Plevin, Pre-Trial Reviews and final hearings.

In addition, Adam has drafted hundreds of advices on prospective claims for the rescission of loan contracts on the grounds that a lender had paid a fully secret commission to a broker or procured a broker’s breach of fiduciary duties for the purposes of Sections 140A – 140C of the Consumer Credit Act 1974.

Similarly, Adam has drafted numerous advices on prospects of success of Plevin/PPI/misselling claims for banks and individuals occasionally assisting with obtaining litigation funding.

A notable case is All Seasons v HSBC PLC – which litigated the scope of the legal duty of a bank to check the details of the account it is sent against its own records to prevent fraud before this became a regulatory matter.

As a result of this experience has seen him act on behalf of large companies (on and off panels) and individuals in big money disputes, particularly where there are allegations (or likely to be allegations) of impropriety, dishonesty, or misrepresentation.

Contentious Chancery Law

Adam work in this area has recently included a multi-million Pound intra-family dispute over the estate of a wealthy property owner, with the added complexity of an extant family trust containing Covid-impacted core assets.


Adam will always act in the best interest of his client, even if that means recommending alternative dispute resolution or negotiating an amicable settlement is never afraid to take a matter to full trial where the facts support it or the client is determined to do so.


Data Protection Law

Adam has acted in a seminal case involving Cambridge Analytica and is amongst some of the UK’s most prestigious data protection and cyber law Barristers. This reputation has been bolstered by co-authoring the leading academic text on Cybercrime, now in its second edition.

With sanctions for data breaches becoming more expensive and obligations in data processing becoming more complex, Adam is at the digital coalface of this fast-developing field of practice.


Insolvency Law

With an enviable record at defeating winding-up petitions, as well as acting in more complex advisory matters (including some complex recent work on the impact of the solicitors’ equitable lien where a company has entered Administration), Adam is regularly instructed by insolvency clients on their last roll of the dice or to prevent them from getting to that point.


Adam’s keen eye has led to him becoming preferred counsel for a number of Insolvency Practitioners wishing to pursue Directors who have acted in breach of their duties to recover funds for creditors.


Reputation, Defamation and Privacy Law

Frequently comfortable in the High Court, I am often approached to handle libel, slander, misuse of private information and breach of confidence matters on an urgent basis. Adam understands your reputation is priceless.

This work often starts at a pre-action, advisory stage, and, in many cases, never needs to go beyond there with Adam’s robust approach.



Chancery Bar Association

Standing Counsel to the Momentum Performing Arts Academy 

Standing Counsel to Invicta Capital Litigation fund



College of Law - BPTC - 2010-2011

BPP Law School - Graduate Diploma in Law - 2009 – 2010

University of Durham - BA (Hons) Business Finance - 2005 – 2008

Birkdale School - 1990 – 2004

A-Levels: Politics, Maths, Physics, Critical Thinking, Economics, General Studies, Computing

GSCE: 10 Including French, Spanish and English Language

Skills & Interest


In my spare time, I enjoy renovating houses, DIY, reading, cooking, and going to the theatre. 

Notable Cases


R (Miller) v Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union [2017] UKSC 5

I had the privilege of working with a team of high-profile lawyers on behalf of the 5th intervener to this important constitutional case. This was an invaluable experience of working with incredibly talented lawyers on a high-profile case in the Supreme Court and gave me a thorough understanding of the constitutional interactions between UK and EU, the workings of treaties on the international plane and an insight into the high-level politics that ties it all together.


Cambridge Analytica (UK) Limited, Scl Group Limited, Scl Analytics Limited, Scl Commercial Limited, Scl Social Limited, Scl Elections Limited, [2018] EWHC 3447 (CH) - No. Cr-2018-003655:

Over the course of a rigorous three-day hearing, I successfully obtained an administration order for several companies under the 'Cambridge Analytica' banner, after a significant media controversy and ICO seizure forced the companies towards insolvency. This was aggravated by matters that continued to unfold in the press at the same time as the hearing, which required quick thinking and dynamic advocacy.


UKIP v Information Commissioner (information notice) [2019] UKUT 62 (AAC):

The first and only case to challenge the limits of the Information Commissioner's powers to demand information through the use of Information Notices that carry sanctions. This case concerned the Data Protection Act 1998 and explored the requirements for a lawful information notice.


United Kingdom Independence Party Ltd V Richard Braine & Ors [2019] EWHC 2832 (QB):

This concerned the grant of a without-notice, interim injunction to restrain the publication of any information that may have been taken by virtue of a data breach. This was underpinned by a claim based on breach of directors’ duties, breach of confidential information and conspiracy to injury by unlawful means.

Honnor v Honnor & Honnor [2020] EWHC (CH) No. PT-2020-000356

This was an acrimonious Inheritance and trust dispute, involving allegations of tax fraud and theft. Family assets were measured in the millions and the instructions came just as Covid was wreaking havoc on the world economy, this added a layer of complexity around the properties involved.

Vachha v Hamilton and 16 ors [2020] EWHC 12 WLUK 14:

This secured the dismissal of an application for an interim injunction against a former director who sought to sue 16 other people and the company itself. This involved complex interactions between company law and the law of unincorporated associations. 

Having defeated the Claimant’s application in its entirety, secured a very satisfactory costs order for his clients. The Claimant then discontinued the entire claim within an hour after losing the hearing. 

Katherine Lea v Mark Tilley [2020] EWHC (QB) No. Qb-2020-003368:

This was a claim under the Protection from Harassment Act 1997. Where a gentleman had subjected a young lady to a course of conduct of harassment. This was granted as were the elements of anonymity to protect both parties and resulted in contempt of court proceeding being engaged.

John Martin v Prudential Distribution Ltd and others [2020] UKET 1305866/2019:

This was a two week-long, fact-heavy Employment Tribunal matter, involving age and disability discrimination, unfair dismissal, victimisation, protected disclosures (whistleblowing), and breach of contract against a senior executive. Claim valued at £2.5 million.

VG Trustee (Jersey) Ltd v JPT [2020] FJ79/20

This was a legally complex case involving the Foreign Judgments Act 1933, this matter saw me resist the registration of a six-figure debt on the rarely invoked ground of public policy.

The Institute of Chartered Accountants v Hammad Farooqi (2021)

This was a regulatory case in which a chartered accountant had been accused of an offence of dishonesty and lack of integrity. It was listed for a day before a tribunal. Mr Richardson succeeded in securing Mr Farooqi a complete acquittal and his entire costs paid. 

Privacy Policy


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Cyber Crime: Law and Practice 1st and 2nd Editions

This book is the first book to tackle the fast-growing topic of Cyber Law and covers a wide range of topics, from electronic fraud, cyberstalking, online theft and intellectual property to more involved topics like malicious communications and the rules of evidence relating to cybercrimes and computers. I was a significant contributor to the book in its first edition and wrote the entire Data Protection Act 2018 and GDPR sections in the second edition involving company and individual compliance.



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