Post Execution Alteration of Contractual Documents

A revival of the rule in Pigot’s Case? 1. In Grove Park Properties Ltd v The Royal Bank of Scotland [2018] EWHC 3521 (Comm), the Claimant borrower sought to rely on the rule in Pigot's Case (1614) 11 Co. Rep 27 that a material alteration in a deed will render it void, and on what was said about this by Lord Kenyon CJ in Master v Miller (1791) 4 TR 320 at 329 when the principle was extended to “all written instruments”. 2. As Chitty on Contacts 33rd edn., 2018, para.25-020 puts it: “If a promisee, without the consent of the promisor, deliberately makes a material alteration in a specialty or other instrument containing words of contract, this will discharge the promisor from all liability

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