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Meg Cochrane


Called: 2019

Inn: Middle Temple


Email: clerks@1ec.co.uk







Meg joined chambers in June 2021, following the successful completion of her third six pupillage. She is developing a broad practice across all of chambers’ main practice areas.


Alongside working as a full-time barrister, Meg has continued her work as a Junior Research Fellow for the UCL Centre of Law, Economics and Society and as an Editor for the National Research University, Higher School of Economics in Moscow.



“Meg did a fantastic job on this matter, she was really thorough in her hearing prep and keeping in contact with us and seems very switched on and tenacious with dealing with the application – I was very pleased with the standard of work she did for us” – Womble Bond Dickinson (UK) LLP.

Practice Areas


Meg accepts instructions in all of Chambers’ main areas and enjoys a busy advocacy and advisory practice. She has successfully represented clients, ranging from individuals to foreign entities to FTSE 100 companies, at interim application hearings and trials in both the High Court and County Courts.


Private International Law

  • Linkked B.V. v Mr Wright, High Court, 2021 – Successfully represented the Claimant in opposing the Defendant’s application to set aside the registration of a Dutch judgment and refuse its recognition and enforcement in England and Wales, after having advised on the merits and prospects of success of the application along with various evidential and procedural aspects.



  • Tetcom Network Services Ltd v Clarke & Lloyds Property Consulting Ltd, County Court, 2021 – Drafted the reply to defence and defence to counterclaim in a telecommunications dispute.  

  • Mr Hart & (2) Mr Gordeski (as Joint Liquidators of M. A. Shephard (Builders) Limited v Mr Voaden, County Court, 2021 – Drafted the particulars of claim for an outstanding debt in respect of building services.

  • Zamco Foods Limited v (1) Armada Investments Ltd & (2) HTG Trading Ltd, County Court, 2020 – Drafted the First Defendant’s defence, counterclaim and Part 20 additional claim concerning breach of contract.


Intellectual Property

  • MPAA – Advised the client on the prospects of successfully registering and using the ‘MPAA’ word marks and 2 figurative marks as trade marks in the UK.

  • North East Truck & Van Limited – Represented the Applicant in a CMC in the Company Names Tribunal.



  • Kazakhstan Kagazy Plc & Others v Zhunus & Others [2019] EWHC 2630 (Comm) – Advised on the merits, prospects of success and procedural issues regarding an application for permission to appeal (assisted Jonathan Miller during third six pupillage).



  • Advised on whether a decision rendered by the International Cricket Council’s Anti-Corruption Tribunal could be judicially reviewed (assisted Lisa Hatch during third six pupillage).



  • British Gas Trading Limited v Mr Ahmed t/a Chorcliffe Mews Guest House, County Court, 2021 – Successfully acted for the Claimant in its application for summary judgment and strike out of the Defendant’s defence.

  • Mr Jones v PayPal (UK) Ltd, County Court, 2020 – Successfully acted for the Defendant in its application to set aside default judgment.

  • Ms O’Neill v Home Retail Group Card Services Ltd, County Court, 2020 – Successfully represented the Defendant in opposing the Claimant’s application for relief from sanctions and the reinstatement of her claim.


Banking and Finance

  • Successfully appeared for individuals and banks in PPI-related hearings.

  • Drafted numerous advices on prospective claims for the rescission of loan contracts on the grounds that a lender had paid a fully secret commission to a broker or procured a broker’s breach of its’ fiduciary duties by paying it a half secret commission and/or that the relationship between a lender and a borrower was ‘unfair’ for the purposes of Sections 140A – 140C of the Consumer Credit Act 1974.

  • Ms Shah v Sainsbury’s Bank plc, County Court, 2021 – Successfully acted for the Defendant in the trial of a claim concerning a purportedly unauthorised transaction.



  • Manolete Partners PLC v Mrs Fletcher, High Court, 2021 – Represented the Defendant in her application for a 3-month stay of execution of a warrant for possession.

  • (1) Mr Leach, (2) Mrs Leach & (3) MJF Pension Trustees Limited v Zuker Property Limited, County Court, 2021 – Successfully acted for the Claimants in the permission to appeal hearing dealing with the issues of verified statements of case (CPR 22.2(2) and CPR 3.10(1)(b)), and the Walsh v Lonsdale doctrine.

  • Vert Estates Ltd v Mr [X] – Advised the client on the construction of a commercial lease and authorised guarantee agreement in the context of defending a prospective claim for terminal dilapidations.

  • Meg has successfully represented numerous clients in possession hearings based on Section 8 and/or Section 21 notices.



  • Advanced Optical Ltd – Successfully represented the company at the winding up hearing, obtaining the dismissal of the winding up petition and no order as to costs.


Personal Injury

  • Dr [X] v Dr [Y] – Having drafted the letter before claim, drafted the claim form and particulars of claim for assault and battery resulting from trespass to the person.


Since July 2018, Meg has worked as a Junior Research Fellow for the UCL Centre of Law, Economics and Society, (see profile here). Also, since February 2019, she has worked as an Editor for the National Research University, Higher School of Economics in Moscow.


Through her work with senior professors in multiple diverse jurisdictions, Meg has furthered her understanding of relevant policy and legal issues in the fields of competition law, intellectual property law and the development of the digital economy. Examples of Meg’s work include the following:



  • Editor of Global Food Value Chains and Competition Law (I. Lianos, A. Ivanov & D. Davis, Cambridge University Press, 2021). (Available online, click here).


  • Editor of Regulating Blockchain: Techno-Social and Legal Challenges (P. Hacker, I. Lianos, G. Dimitropoulos & S. Eich, Oxford University Press, 2019). (Available online, click here).


  • Researcher and Editor of Chapter 21, “The Interaction of Competition, Regulation and IP Rights in Agriculture: Towards a Dynamic Equilibrium?” in The Interplay Between Competition Law and Intellectual Property: An International Perspective (G. Muscolo & M. Tavassi, Kluwer Law International, 2019). (Available online, click here).

Law Journal Articles

  • Author of “Analysing the Overlap between Arbitration and Human Rights”, (2020) Arbitration: The International Journal of Arbitration, Mediation and Dispute Management, Volume 86, Issue 2, Article 5, pp 187-200. (Available online, click here).

Reports/ Research Papers

  • Editor of “The Shadow Pandemic Global Data Report”, (2020), Thrive CIC – The Social Enterprise for Gender Equality, Report.


  • Editor of “Combatting Cross-Border Cartels”, (2020), Report by the BRICS Competition Law and Policy Centre. This Report was presented by the BRICS Competition Law and Policy Centre at the 8th United Nations Review Conference on Competition and Consumer Protection in October 2020. (Available online, click here).


  • Editor of “The Global Governance of Online Consumer Protection and E-Commerce: Building Trust”, (2019), World Economic Forum White Paper. This White Paper was presented at the World Economic Forum. (Available online, click here).


  • Editor of “Blockchain Competition – Gaining Competitive Advantage in the Digital Economy: Competition Law Implications”, (2018), BRICS Competition Law & Policy Centre Research Paper 1/2018. (Available online, click here).



Forthcoming Papers

  • Author of “Should There Be Global Substantive Convergence of Competition Law?”, (Forthcoming), UCL Centre for Law, Economics and Society Policy Paper.


  • Editor of “Prolegomena to Competition Law and Policy in the Digital Era”, (Forthcoming), UCL CLES Policy Paper.


  • Editor of “Digital Era Competition: A BRICS View”, (Forthcoming), Report by the BRICS Competition Law and Policy Centre and HSE Skolkovo Institute for Law and Development.

  • Winner of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators Young Members’ Group Competition, 2019, with her essay on the topic of “Analysing the Overlap between Arbitration and Human Rights”. (Available online, click here).


  • Winner of the BPTC Prize for the International Commercial Practice Option, 2019.



LLB in Law & French Law (UCL)


LLM in Law & Economics (UCL)

Skills & Interest


French and Spanish - High Proficiency

(Brazilian) Portuguese, Italian, Hindi and Punjabi - Elementary Proficiency

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