Ian Hogg - 20 Years a Senior Clerk

Typically, when people think about the Bar and length of service, we focus on the seniority of the Barristers themselves - what is their year of call, how senior are they, when will they take silk etc? Yet, some of the longest serving members of the legal profession are not the lawyers themselves, but the clerks. So, this month we shine the spotlight on our very own Senior Clerk, Ian Hogg, who turned 20 years as a Senior Clerk last month. For those of you that know Ian, you'll probably be aware that he is incredibly camera-shy. So camera-shy in fact, that the only way we had to pretend the camera wasn't rolling during a 'practice run' interview. Of course, the camera was rolling, so what follows is Ian genuinely speaking from heart, unvarnished and direct, and giving an interesting perspective on his experience of the Bar over 20 years. (Worth while watching til the end of the video when Ian suddenly realises we were in fact recording!)

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